Welcome to Exodus!

Tired of worrying about finding a spot on that big club team? Don’t want to spend big money for your child to play the beautiful game of soccer? Tired of the drama of big clubs? Want cost effective decisions?

Come back to the grass roots of soccer!

Exodus is having tryouts for a number of teams in North, Central and South Austin areas from May 15th thru 30th. Please send us an email with the birth year and area (ex: my son/daughter is a 01 and I live in north Austin) that you are currently residing in and we will put you in touch with coaches in that area that are holding try outs or have space to add players for the Fall 2016/17 season.

Keep in mind that a wide variety of teams and all levels of play that are looking players. Yes we have existing teams and new ones form each fall and spring season.

So stay in touch and we will find you a team even if it is not with Exodus we will try and make sure each child who wants to play can get on a team.

Thanks for your time and consideration and we hope to see you playing soccer soon!